Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yes: Air Supply

In 1975, two guys met in Australia while working on a production of Jesus Christ Superstar. During down times, they jammed and the room was heavy with magic. That magic became Air Supply.

I have exceptional taste in music. Ask anyone. I don't like Rod Stewart's Adult Contemporary stuff but I do like Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Sledgehammer" -- and Air Supply.

I like Air Supply because I remember first listening to them in seventh grade and hearing the short Air Supply guy's voice and thinking he was a girl. Tricky!
I like Air Supply because you know they're gay because they're Air Supply but if you Google you'll find out they are, in fact, straight. Tricky again!
I like Air Supply because all I ever need to own by them is a Greatest Hits album.There's no need to get all "deep cuts" with these guys.

But mostly I like Air Supply because when I discovered punk rock at age 19, I had to hate everything that wasn't "punk," "indie" or "alternative." So of course I had to hate Air Supply because everyone hates Air Supply. Untill I saw Todd Solondz's fiim Happiness.

It's a good film but to date I've only watched it once because it creeps me out.  In any case, there's a scene where a man and a woman dance together in a crappy bar. It's sad because the man doesn't care a shit for the woman: he's all wrapped up in Lara Flynn Boyle's character.  The woman, however, does like the guy, a lot. So they dance and it's sad because the man is "settling" but the woman thinks it's mutual and guess what's playing on the jukebox?  Air Supply's "All Out of Love." It's a poignant moment and if you think for one second Solondz could have pulled that off without some Air Supply magic, you are wrong.

Air Supply is good for other things. A while back, a Facebook friend posted that he was gearing up to watch Mothra movies and something called Giant Monsters All Out Attack. The "All Out" reference naturally brought to mind Air Supply's "All Out of Love" and shortly after, my other super-favorite Air Supply song "Making Love Out of Nothing at All." Then I thought about making Mothra out of nothing at all -- because if anyone could make Mothra out of nothing at all, you know it would be Air Supply.

Finally, I made this out of nothing at all (except some stolen images from the internet):

So while you're playing your Death Cab for Cutie or your Black Sabbath, I'll be playing Air Supply.

Well, actually, I probably won't because I only listen to them maybe twice a year.

But Air Supply is magic wearing a magical crown and as such, anything could happen. So, while you're playing your Death Cab for Cutie or your Black Sabbath, there's a (slim) chance I could be playing Air Supply and every star in the sky could be taking aim at my eyes like a spotlight.

Except probably not because I suffer from mild night blindness and don't really like spotlights aimed at my eyes.

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