Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yes: Bobbing for Wieners -- with Dogs!

Playing Bobbing for Wieners with dogs is probably not a very nice thing to do.  When the wieners go in the water, the dogs are unable to smell them.  With the scent removed, it's basically like bobbing for invisible wieners. But I venture to guess that most dogs enjoy a joke like anyone else.

Bobbing for Wieners I:  Lola, Clancy, Toshi

Left to right: Lola, mixed breed; Clancy, mixed breed and Toshi -- a wiener dog.  Toshi wasn't recruited to bob for wieners because she's a wiener dog, but you must admit, this certainly ups the excitement factor. The wieners were initially placed in large tub with about two inches of water. You can see the reaction. Lola and Toshi are clueless and while Clancy has his eye on the wieners, he's not even close to getting in a bob:

So the wieners were moved to a small dish.  While Toshi and Lola put forth an effort, Clancy apparently became engulfed in a wave of depression or disgust and refused to engage.  There's a lot of looking going on but still no bobbing:

Cheese was added to the tin of wieners. This boosted Toshi's determination but Lola gave up. All we see of her here are her (sad, dejected)  feet:

At last! Toshi goes for the cheese!  Here she is, mid-chew:

Is anyone remotely surprised that the wiener dog won the Bobbing for Wieners (and Cheese) competition? *Because Clancy and Lola were big, fat losers, they were not given any cheese or wieners at the end of the game, but instead had to watch Toshi eat everything.

Bobbing for Wieners II: Carter

Round II of Bobbing for Wieners had only one competitor: Carter, a long-haired German Shepherd. Carter has a reputation of eating any turd that comes his way: cat turd, deer turd, goose turd, his own turd. Doesn't much matter to him. Consequently, a round of Bobbing for Turds was briefly considered but ultimately rejected on the grounds that it would have been fucking disgusting.

This round went lightning quick.  The wieners were placed in large red tub. Thinking they are turds, perhaps, Carter goes right for 'em:

He zooms in:

And gets the wiener!

Bobbing for Wieners II was over before it hardly started.

There should have been a Champion Wiener Challenge between Toshi and Carter but that couldn't happen. One, because Toshi was a foster dog who is now happily reunited with her owner. The other reason is the possibility that Carter could have confused Toshi for a wiener -- or a turd-- and ate her.

I don't think Toshi would have enjoyed that joke.

*All three competitors received plentiful portions of wieners and cheese at the end of the game.

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