Thursday, October 17, 2013

No: Phish

In 1995, I was at a party at someone's house in DeKalb, Illinois. I don't remember which party, it was just one of the many my friends and I attended after the bars closed.

Arriving, I heard some jangly, largely non-melodic noise that I didn't like.
"What is this?" I asked a hippie-looking guy standing near the boom box. (Ipod docks had yet to be invented.)
"Phish!" he crowed happily.
"Oh," I said.

Fast-forward to about two hours later. It's still Phish. It's been Phish all night.

I find another CD in the house, don't remember what it was, but it wasn't Phish.  Asked the guy to play it. Told him I was tired of hearing Phish.

"Why can't you have an open mind?" he yelled at me.

Fuck Phish.

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